1. The Mac OSX graphical User interface.

The Mac OSX user interface is designed in a way that not much prior knowledge is required to use it and not much time is spent by the user to learn the system. By reducing

MacOS Screenshot
Fig 1: Screenshot of Mac OSX user interface (Gidalevitz, 2016).

the mental strain on the user , the interface design allows for a lower cognitive load (Lidwell, Holden, & Butler, 2010) as opposed to other operating systems. Also, the inclusion of a search box at the top makes it easier for a user to find an item without too much physical effort and with no compulsion to remember a set of buttons to click, thus reducing kinematic load.


2.  Key FOB

The key Fob is an invention specifically designed to reduce the kinematic loa

key fob
Fig 2: Key Fob (Spring, 2016)

d  (Lidwell, Holden, & Butler, 2010) of users wishing to unlock a car. The task of unlocking a car or opening a car boot is not as physically intricate as using a key is. Finding a key in a bunch, inserting it in a door lock and turning it the proper way all involve more kinematic and cognitive loads.


3.The barcode

The invention of the barcode allows for automatic stock control, when a product is purchased. Also the price is not physically required as a label but is rather retri

Fig 3 : Barcode (“GS1-128 barcodes,” 2016).

eved from a database when a code is scanned. This makes the use of a barcode involve less performance load (Lidwell, Holden, & Butler, 2010) than that of a physically updated inventory.


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